EQUO Sugarcane Straws

EQUO Sugarcane Straws

The EQUO sugarcane straws have a mild, sweet scent of brown sugar and a natural, rustic look to perfectly match the aesthetics of your cocktails and infused drinks. These straws are available in multiple thicknesses including ones designed for boba. They are flexible, don’t get soggy, and are easy to drink from. 

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Test results for EQUO Sugarcane Straws

We ran the EQUO sugarcane straws through our Lomi Approved test to find out whether they are compatible and can be used effectively with Lomi. Here are the test results, along with before and after photos. 


An image of EQUO Sugarcane Straws and food waste in lomi


An image of lomi with EQUO Sugarcane Straws dirt

Can you compost EQUO Sugarcane Straws in Lomi?

Yes! Based on the test results, EQUO sugarcane straws are Lomi Approved and can be fully broken down by your Lomi Composter!

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