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Lomi 1.3 - The Original Food Recycler

This updated model of the original Lomi transforms almost anything you eat into nutrient-rich plant food. With Lomi, dealing with food waste doesn’t have to stink - literally! Smells, mess, and pests are eliminated so your kitchen stays clean and smelling fresh.

  • Designed for your home and lifestyle
  • Almost everything you eat can go in Lomi
  • Less Trash, no pests, no odor

Waste to dirt

Odor-free & No pests

Energy Efficient

Improved Bucket


Your Lomi + Membership

Extra 20% off

Includes everything you need to get started, plus an extended, lifetime warranty and automatic shipments of Filters Refills:
+ Lomi 1 Device
+ Starter pack of Filters (45 cycles)
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Filter Refills (45 cycles), delivered quarterly


+$20/month, billed quarterly

Just a Lomi

Save 20% off

Everything you need to get started:
+ Lomi Device
+ Starter pack of Filters (45 cycles
+ 1-year warranty


FREE Shipping

Lomi ships FREE, with all duties pre-paid.

90 day In Home Trial

Don’t love your Lomi in the first 90 days? Get free return shipping AND a full refund. No questions asked.

White countertop composter with control dial, alongside promotional text.

Three easy ways to use the dirt.


Use Lomi, use the output as a fertilizer on your lawn or in your garden.

Very Good

Use Lomi, put the output in the organics pickup bin.


Use Lomi, throw the output in the trash. 

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Which Lomi is for me?

Lomi 1.3

The updated, original Lomi makes kitchen cleanup easy with the push of a button.

Available in

Starting at





  • reduces your trash
  • is smell and pest-free
  • turns food scraps into plant food

Lomi 2

The newest model. All the magic of Lomi 1.3 with improved cycles and app experience. 

Available in

Starting at




All you love about Lomi 1.3, plus:

  • Faster
  • Quieter
  • More energy efficient
  • Self cleaning cycle
  • Tracks your carbon footprint
  • Earn rewards for using Lomi

Seeing is believing:

Over 200,000 people, just like you are already using Lomi to be a part of the solution.