37 Eco-friendly Products (2022) to Your Reduce Carbon Footprint

table filled with eco-friendly products

More and more people are looking for eco-friendly products and appliances for their kitchens, bathrooms, cleaning routines, and more. If you’re one of them, then this guide is here to help. We’ve found 37 of the most environmentally friendly items and broken them down into 4 easy categories. You can search these categories to find just what you need to make your life a little greener.

We hope you’re ready for some conscious consumerism because these products will not only make your life easier—they’ll keep our planet happy, too! Let’s dive into some of the essentials to support you on your eco-friendly journey. 



Our recommendations for the top 4 eco-friendly products

Want a little sneak peak into eco-conscious products that will improve your life AND will support our planet? Here are 4 of our favorite products to reduce carbon footprints.

  1. Most convenient eco friendly appliance: Lomi Indoor Electric Composter
  2. Best eco friendly cleaning product: Paperless Unpaper Towels
  3. Most eco friendly home & kitchen product: Reusable Water Bottle
  4. Best eco friendly personal care product: Bamboo Toilet Paper  


Eco-friendly home & kitchen products to reduce your carbon footprint (10)

Environmentally friendly kitchen and home products are making a sustainable splash in homes around the globe. Between changing our coffee cups to switching out how we store snacks, making the switch to reusable products can end up having a significant positive impact on our planet. Here are 10 products to help you do exactly that. 

1. Reusable water bottle

blue alternative to plastic bottles

Insulated and made with durable stainless steel, this is one of the best reusable water bottles out there. Not only does it replace plastic water bottles, but it can keep cold AND hot drinks at an appropriate temperature for up to 63 and 24 hours, respectively!

Price: $25.40

Why you’ll love it: This plastic free water bottle is also BPA-free, leak proof, chip resistant, and easy to clean. Klean Kanteen is also a family and employee owned B Corp Certified Company that offsets all of their carbon footprint—making them Climate Neutral Certified. 

2. Zero waste reusable coffee cup

reusable cup to reduce plastic waste

Sorry to be the accidental milk in your venti americano, but our caffeine addictions are taking a toll on the planet. It’s estimated that we throw away 50 billion coffee cups every year—in the US alone! Reusable coffee cups—like the one from the Zero Waste Store—to the rescue! If you’re a regular at your local cafe, this sustainable solution is a must-have.

The reusable coffee cup comes in two sizes to suit any tea or coffee preferences. The durable soda-lime glass is (almost) shatter proof and the lid is BPA-free.

Price: $19.99 to $29.99

Why you’ll love it: The natural cork band makes the coffee cup comfortable to carry and is made from up-cycled waste from wine corks. 

3. Reusable bamboo straws

regenerative alternative to stainless steel straws

It’s been estimated that Americans alone use up to 500 million straws every single day. You can only imagine how much landfill and ocean waste this produces (unnecessarily, we might add).

Because a milkshake isn’t the same without something to drink it with, it’s pretty fortunate that companies like Bambu have learned how to use materials like organic bamboo fibers to make an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws.

Price: $10

Why you’ll love it: Sure, they may not be able to make bent straw shapes, but straws made out of organic bamboo are free of toxins like inks and dyes and are compostable at the end of their life. 

4. Comedic reusable bags

reusable bags to carry green products

We could all use a chuckle after realizing that Americans use about 100 billion plastic bags every year. This requires more than 12 million barrels of fossil fuels. Once the single-use plastic bags are disposed of, they’ll take thousands of years to decompose—releasing harmful microplastics as they do.

These reusable grocery bags are here to provide some (comedic) relief. The cute, punny, veggie-themed designs can brighten any day. Whether you use them as reusable grocery bags, produce bags, or just to replace shopping bags of all types, these reusable bags will give you a planet-loving laugh.

Price: $15

Why you’ll love it: The set of 3 small, medium, and large bags are made from unbleached cotton in India. They help to keep produce fresh, too!

5. 3-in1 reusable food storage container

multi-purpose container to save three plastic bottles or boxes

Reusable food containers aren’t just great for packed lunches, they’re also perfect for storing leftovers. This one from ECOlunchbox is reusable, 100% plastic free, and made with food-grade stainless steel. The separate boxes can be filled with a main dish and two sides—making it easy to chow down on last night’s dinner.

Add a food scrap-transforming electric composter, and you’ve got an excellent way to fight food waste.

Price: $37.99

Why you’ll love it: The stainless steel nesting trio comes in recyclable packaging and is generally recyclable itself (check with your local recycler first).

6. Reusable bamboo utensils

bamboo cutlery in container made from recycled plastic bottles

All natural bamboo has taken the world by storm. The ultra-fast growing grass has made its way into a range of reusable and eco-friendly products—like these food safe reusable utensils! As a great alternative to plastic utensils, the lightweight and long-lasting bamboo variety is perfect for any picnic or packed lunch.

Price: $14.99

Why you’ll love it: The utensils are made from one of the world’s most sustainable renewable materials: bamboo. The convenient carry case is also made from recycled plastic bottles.

7. Reusable storage bags

set of blue silicone bags

Reusable food bags and reusable snack bags are a must-have for anyone looking for eco-friendly kitchen products. What’s quickly becoming one of the most well-loved sustainable products, silicone snack, sandwich, and storage bags are another way to avoid plastic packaging while keeping our items safe and secure.

Price: $88.99

Why you’ll love it: Stasher is a B Corp Certified company and their reusable storage bags are BPA free and dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe. 

8. Beeswax food wrap

wrapped lemons on table

When it comes to reusable food preservation options, there are few more earth friendly products than food wrap made from natural and organic ingredients. If you’re looking to cut out single use plastic from your kitchen routines, then this can certainly help.

Consider it a plastic free version of plastic wrap. It works in just the same way to keep food like lemons, avocados, and small jars safe and fresh, but isn’t associated with a risk of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and silicones. Helping you reduce waste, you can simply hand-wash the wrap before using it again (for up to a year!).

Price: $5.99

Why you’ll love it: The wraps are made from organic cotton and other sustainable materials (organic plant oil, tree resin, and beeswax). It can be composted or used as a natural fire starter at the end of its life! 

9. Organic cotton reusable coffee filters

reusable coffee filters

For a smoother cup of joe and more sustainable planet, a CoffeeSock organic cotton reusable coffee filter is a great thing to have around the house. They fit just like paper filters and can be used for both drip and pour-over coffees. The durable fabric preserves the natural flavors of your favorite blend and can last up to six months each—making them a far more economical choice, too.

Price: $14.99

Why you’ll love it: The GOTS-certified organic cotton is sustainably sourced and made in America. Once they’ve reached the end of their life, they can be composted. 

10. Organic kitchen towels

3 towels for kitchen

Whether you keep these in your kitchen or use them for the bathroom, you’ll be drying up in a way that won’t leave our planet high and dry. These towels are made with one of the most eco-friendly materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton. That makes them highly absorbent and more gentle on the planet.

Price: $58

Why you’ll love it: The cotton in these towels is grown organically in India, before it’s locally manufactured in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. 

Eco-friendly appliances to improve your life (9)

Eco-friendly tech products and smart and sustainable appliances can have a huge positive impact for our planet. When they’re produced sustainably and made with eco-friendly components, they can help us reduce our footprint. Here are 10 planet-friendly products to keep around. 

11. Lomi electric countertop composter

eco friendly products to reduce food waste

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and combat both food waste and stinky garbage, then a Lomi composter is the eco-friendly product for you. Not only does it take a significant bite out of a household’s waste, but it also transforms kitchen scraps and Lomi-approved bioplastics into garden friendly products!

With just the touch of a button, the Lomi is able to take coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, leftovers, and more and convert them to natural fertilizer that can be used in the lawn or for houseplants.

Price: $499

Why you’ll love it: With basically no effort required from you, you can minimize gross kitchen smells and reduce waste from the kitchen by up to 80%. This will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, too. 


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


12. Window solar phone charger

solar charger hanging on pink wall

This solar phone charger from Grouphug was seen on Shark Tank—and for good reason! It allows you to use a sunny window to charge your phone, smart watch, speakers, headphones, bike lights, and more.

Price: $149

Why you’ll love it: This solar phone charger is super easy to install (includes a suction cup) and, with a transparent durable plastic encasing, allows you to see the solar tech inside. Responsibly designed, it can be sent back for repairs or replacement parts. 

13. BLUEAIR air purifier

eco-friendly products for air purification

Unfortunately, in our everyday lives, we’re bombarded by potential toxins. It’s why we look for BPA free products—and also why we should consider bringing an air purifier into our lives. This one from BLUEAIR can handle large spaces (up to 2,592 sq ft) and remove particles like mold, dust, allergens, smoke, bacteria, pet hair, chemicals, VOCs, and more. It can do all of that while using less energy than an incandescent lightbulb!

Price: $319.99

Why you’ll love it: Unlike many other HEPA air purifiers, this one is ENERGY STAR certified and has a washable and reusable pre-filter. 

14. SodaStream

eco-friendly products for making drinks

If you commonly find yourself craving something bubbly and reaching for soda or sparkling water that comes in a non disposable water bottle, then a SodaStream may be the more sustainable solution for you. The countertop appliance allows you to fill reusable bottles with carbonated water, seltzer water, or a range of fizzy drinks. Just attach the CO2 cylinder and create your perfect beverages.

Price: $99.99 - $159.99

Why you’ll love it: Different models of the SodaStream come with reusable water bottles or glass carafes. 

15. 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker

multipurpose kitchen appliance

One of the key things to look for with green products is multi-functionality. Especially with appliances, the more one product can do, the better! That’s why this electric pressure cooker is a more sustainable solution to buying a pressure cooker, sauté pan, yogurt maker, slow cooker, food warmer, steamer, AND rice cooker.

Price: $99.95

Why you’ll love it: The Instant Pot Duo is made with food-grade stainless steel and cooks food up to 70% faster, making it a more energy efficient way to prepare our favorite meals. 



16. Recycled press coffee maker 

recycled coffee maker

As one of the only French press coffee makers on the market to be made with recycled materials, this is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get a jolt of caffeine. The Grosche recycled press coffee maker works just like a conventional French press, but has a body that is made with 50% recycled plastic. The recycled materials are sourced from a mission-based company with a carbon-negative footprint.

Price: $34.99

Why you’ll love it: In addition to using recycled material, a tree is planted for every purchase and each unit sold also contributes 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need. At the end of its life, the recycled material French press can be sent back to be responsibly recycled. 

17. Smart thermostat

smart thermostat

Providing one of the easiest ways to reduce your household carbon emissions, this smart thermostat keeps you comfortable when you’re at home and reduces the heating and cooling load while you’re away. To do so, it integrates weather updates and your pre-set schedule.

Price: $149.99

Why you’ll love it: ecobee was an ENERGY STAR award winner and their smart thermostat can help a household save up to 23% on annual heating and cooling bills. 

18. 3-in-1 food processor

food processor with produce

As an eco-friendly alternative to getting a juicer, blender, and food processor, this one from Kitchen Central can do it all! A perfect multi-purpose kitchen essential, it can easily convert from a food processor to a juice extractor—allowing you to prep, blend, and juice with an impressive 500-watt motor.

Price: $149.95

Why you’ll love it: The large capacity design of this food processor can handle up to 8 cups, or 40 ounces. 

19. Pela Case

eco friendly products for phones

It’s not an appliance per se, but it will help to protect your most important one: your mobile phone. The Pela Case was the first compostable phone case in the world. When it comes to eco-friendly tech products, there are few better than the Pela Case. Compared to plastic phone cases, it produces 30% less carbon emissions and 80% less waste!

Price: $139.95 - $59.95

Why you’ll love it: Pela Cases come in a range of designs and can be used with nearly any mobile phone. They’re made in a way that requires 34% less water and can break down completely in any standard compost.



Eco-friendly cleaning products for a cleaner house and earth (9)

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever before to clean our homes—and help clean up our planet! We’ve come up with 9 products for sustainable sparkle. 

20. Paperless unpaper towels

stack of unpaper towels

You may love how quick they pick up spills, but our obsession with paper towels is wreaking havoc on our planet. Americans are by far the biggest consumers of paper towels—and we use a lot of them. Every year, we use about 13 billion pounds of paper towels to clean up spills, wipe our hands, and more.

If each household were to swap just one roll with more earth friendly products—like reusable unpaper towels—we could save a whopping 54,000 trees! These packs of highly absorptive and washer/dryer safe reusable towels can do exactly that.

Price: USD

Why you’ll love it: The unpaper towels come in different colors and are made with natural materials: 100% cotton flannel.

21. Laundry detergent sheets

eco friendly products for laundry room

Single-use plastic has no place in the laundry room, especi\ally when a far more environmentally friendly laundry detergent exists. Kind laundry detergent sheets are highly concentrated and totally zero waste. They’re small, lightweight, and airplane carry-on approved—making them perfect for anyone always on-the-go.

As one of the most earth friendly products out there, these laundry detergent strips are made with a few mostly plant-derived and eco-friendly ingredients. The strips will work in any type of washing machine and they'll dissolve quickly—leaving no residue or large plastic laundry detergent jug behind.

Price: $19.96

Why you’ll love it: Not only are Kind laundry detergent sheets light on the planet, but they don’t take a heavy toll on our wallets, either. They can end up costing as low as $0.25/load! 

22. Microfiber catching ball

microfiber catching ball

While we’re on the topic of sustainable products for laundry day, we should definitely mention the Cora Ball. The little blue ball is a microfiber-trapper, helping to rid every load of laundry from around 31% microplastics and other microfibers. This helps to keep dangerous toxins out of our lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Price: $38.99

Why you’ll love it: The Cora Ball is highly durable and designed to last five years. They’re also made from recycled materials and can be sent back to the company to be responsibly recycled!

23. Multi-purpose kitchen spray concentrate

zero waste kitchen spray

Ethique has been providing a sustainable solution to many cleaning and personal care products: concentrated solid bars. That’s what their multi-purpose kitchen spray concentrate is, and it’s one of the best eco-friendly cleaning products around.

Made with sweet orange oil and other ethically sourced, naturally derived, and sustainable ingredients, it’s the best tool for a streak-free clean (even on glass). The bar just needs to be mixed with boiling water to make a spray—minus the single use plastic!

Price: $3

Why you’ll love it: As an added bonus, Ethique uses many direct-traded ingredients and donates 2% of each sale to charity. They're 100% plastic free and have offset so many of their carbon emissions that they’re actually Carbon Positive! 

24. Glass spray bottle with recipe sticker

reusable glass spray bottle

Now, if you need something to put that Ethique multi-purpose kitchen spray in, these zero waste glass bottles can come in handy. They’re perfect for eco friendly cleaning product concentrates or DIY versions. In fact, the bottle even has a recipe sticker for many household cleaners (i.e. a water and vinegar infusion recipe).

Price: $24

Why you’ll love it: Saged Home, the brand behind the glass spray bottle, is a Climate Neutral company and contributing member of 1% For the Planet. 

25. Coconut scrub pads

coconut scrub pads

Providing an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sponges that get stinky over time, these scrub pads from EcoCoconut are 100% compostable, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals. They feature a blend of natural materials, like organic tree rubber latex and coconut coir.

Price: $4.80

Why you’ll love it: Not only are these scrub pads gentle on our planet, but they’re also safe on glassware and non-stick fry pans. As they remove mold and other grime, they won’t scratch surfaces. 

26. Vegan dish block

plastic free dish soap

There are few things worse than a pile of dirty dishes—except an unnecessary plastic bottle to clean them. Fortunately, you can cut out all of the animal-derived, harmful chemicals AND the plastic packaging with this solid dish soap from No Tox Life.

Price: $8.98

Why you’ll love it: Although it has a low impact on our environment, this dish soap is tough on stubborn grease and grime. It forms a rich, sudsy lather without any dyes or fragrance. 

27. Swedish dishcloth

swedish dishcloth on table

Serving as reusable products for both paper towels and plastic-based sponges, the Swedish dishcloth—like the one from Three Bluebirds—is transforming kitchens around the globe—for the better.

Inspired by Scandaniavia’s favorite kitchen essentials, these dishcloths are versatile, made with renewable materials, and washable and reusable over 200 times! Just a single one can replace 17 rolls of paper towels—and with a capability of absorbing 20x its weight, it’s much more efficient, too.

Price: $6.95

Why you’ll love it: Once your Swedish dishcloth can clean no more, it can be safely biodegraded or composted. 

28. Washable pail liner

marley’s monsters washable trash bag

If you’re ready to go full steam ahead with a zero waste kitchen, then consider ditching trash bags. Even those made with eco-friendly materials (i.e. bioplastics and recycled plastic) still end up accumulating in landfills. Given the anaerobic conditions, even the most sustainable products won’t fully break down.

So, if you can ditch the trash bags altogether, that’s the best thing for our planet. WIth these washable pail liners from Marley’s Monsters, you can do exactly that. They’re made from a water-resistant PUL fabric that can be washed in a washing machine.

Price: $36

Why you’ll love it: These reusable products for the trash can are made in the USA.

Eco-friendly personal care products to pamper yourself (9)

By making small changes in the products we use in our daily life, we can save water, trees, and other valuable resources. Here are some eco-friendly products to use for your personal care routines. 

29. Bamboo toilet paper

bamboo toilet tissue

Every year, more than a million trees are cut down to make toilet paper. Fortunately, we can wipe away deforestation by making the switch to bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is just like the regular stuff, only a little stronger—meaning less is required during each trip to the bathroom. Not only that, but bamboo grows a lot quicker than trees, making it a far more sustainable material for our #1s and #2s.

Price: $68

Why you’ll love it: The brand behind this toilet paper—Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to build toilets in places where they’re needed. They also send their TP using carbon neutral shipping! 

30. Bamboo toothbrush

zero waste toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes have been doing a lot more than cleaning teeth. They’re seriously dirtying our planet. Every year, Americans throw away about a billion toothbrushes. So it’s a good thing Brush with Bamboo has provided alternative, planet-friendly products.

Their toothbrushes have a bamboo handle and were the first ones to have fully biobased bristles made from 100% castor bean oil.

Price: $20

Why you’ll love it: These toothbrushes tick all the boes: they’re vegan, BPA free, natural, non-toxic, USDA certified biobased, and cruelty free. 

31. Bamboo floss

compostable floss

When it comes to sustainable materials, bamboo is also a top pick for biodegradable dental floss. It’s what’s found in this zero waste floss from Eco Roots, which is free of plastic, gluten, cruelty, fluoride and animal-derived ingredients.

Price: $9.99

Why you’ll love it: After your daily oral care routine, you can simply bury the biodegradable dental floss or add it to your compost pile. Once you’ve flossed your way through an entire roll, you can keep the glass jar and order a zero waste refill. 

32. Menstrual cup

no waste period products

For menstruators, a reusable menstrual cup like this one from Saalt is one of the best sustainable products to use. Not only does it cut down on the plastic packaging that’s often associated with pads and tampons, but also protects against harmful chemicals.

Price: $49

Why you’ll love it: While the up-front cost of a menstrual cup may be higher than other period products, it ends up saving a lot of money over the long run. 

33. All-one magic soap

organic castile soap

Offering 18-in-1 uses, the castile soap from Dr. Bronner’s can be used to wash hair, clean your body, and even wash your dog! Its short ingredient list includes only recognizable ingredients, making it biodegradable and safe for skin.

Price: $16.99

Why you’ll love it: Dr. Bronner’s soap comes in recycled plastic bottles and is filled with Fair Trade and certified organic ingredients. 

34. Safety razor

no waste razor

Want stubble-free legs or face without shaving off years for the life of our planet? This is where an Albatross safety razor can come in handy. As one of the most economically-friendly reusable products, they’re made with stainless steel—which could last a lifetime! Compared with the disposable variety, you’ll save a lot of money and landfill space by making the switch to this eco-friendly product.

Price: $25

Why you’ll love it: As an added bonus, eco-friendly safety razors are often associated with a lot less irritation and a closer shave than their plastic-based counterparts. 

35. Recycled ocean plastic gift set

recycled razor and toothbrush

If you’re in need of a serious restock for your bathroom, then this POPi eco-friendly gift set might be just the thing you’re looking for. It includes a razor, four replacement cartridges, and two toothbrushes. They’re all made from ocean plastic!

Price: $34.99

Why you’ll love it: Not only do these earth friendly products make use of ocean plastic, but 25% of each purchase also goes to organizations involved in ocean and beach clean-ups. 

36. Shampoo and conditioner bars

eco friendly products for hair

As far as eco friendly hair products go, there’s nothing making more of a sustainable splash than shampoo and conditioner bars. They leave the unnecessary water (and plastic bottle) behind and instead concentrate healthy plant oils, clays, and other botanical ingredients to produce lush, planet-loving locks.

This bundle from Corvus Botanicals is vegan, ocean-safe, palm oil-free, and biodegradable.

Price: $16 - $26

Why you’ll love it: The large version of these bars will last twice as long as conventional shampoo and conditioner bottles! The paper packaging and glassine wrap are home/commercially compostable, too. 

37. Recycled fabrics beauty bag

bags made from eco friendly clothing

Providing the most earth-friendly way to store your eco-friendly beauty products, this toiletry bag is hand-sewn and made with recycled fabrics: upcycled saris! Beautiful, unique designs are available and the durable inner lining is divided into two sections with an inner pocket.

Price: $17.28

Why you’ll love it: In addition to toiletries, the bags are perfect for storing crafts, hair accessories, cosmetics, sewing materials, or eco-friendly baby products, like bibs and pacifiers.

Isn’t it exciting to know that with these eco-friendly products we can support our planet and make our lives a little easier? There’s nothing quite like an organic coffee filter that improves our morning caffeine fix, or shampoo and conditioner bars that slash plastic pollution while supporting a good hair day.

And what about the Lomi instant electric composter?! It looks great as it reduces stinky garbage and cuts food waste, turning it into something to support Earth. It’s really no wonder that hundreds of thousands of households have fallen in love with this smart composter. Once you try it for yourself, you will, too!

Written by: Heather Seely