Introducing QALO X Pela: The World's First Compostable Rings

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As someone who cares about the planet, you probably already recycle, compost, and maybe have even invested in some eco-friendly products like a compostable phone case from Pela. Perhaps you want more eco-friendly products in your life. What if we told you that you can now buy jewelry that is not only good for the planet but is also fashionable and perfect for an active lifestyle? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that dream is about to become a reality.

Here at Pela, we love partnering with brands that focus on sustainability and the planet. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with QALO. QALO has been making silicone rings since 2013 and wants to turn their focus to making more sustainable eco-rings. You see, although QALO silicone is 100% recyclable through their Recycle Any Silicone program, unfortunately most curbside recycling won’t accept silicone-based products. QALO decided they want to change the ring game with an even more convenient eco-friendly solution. That’s where Pela comes in. Using Pela’s high-performing bioplastic made from plants, QALO has designed the first ever compostable rings!

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QALO’s rings hold up to everyday use and are perfect for sports, outdoor adventures, and even the job site. These rings are fully compostable, and functional, and you can even match them to your other Pela products like our phone cases and watch bands. So whether you are looking for a ring to wear while you work out or one that will hold up on the construction site, QALO has a ring for you. Buy one for yourself or someone you love and show the world what matters to you. 

So if you love the planet, why not show your value and commitment to the Earth on your fingers and check out QALO’s compostable rings? Pela and QALO will help you show your love of nature. These are tough rings, with a gentle impact. You’ll be doing good for you AND the planet. We’d call that a win-win. Let’s build a better future together.