50 Best Kitchen Gifts & Gadgets Worth Giving in 2022

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There's a new kitchen gadget for everything nowadays. A gadget to mold eggs into the shape of a cat's face, a gadget to evenly spread cold butter over toast, and a gadget to shape waffle batter into mini dinosaurs (Cute!). But which of these new kitchen gadgets are truly worth giving to your loved ones? What are the best kitchen gifts in 2022 that cooking enthusiasts will cherish and use on a regular basis?

As an experienced chef, I decided to scour all the latest and greatest culinary tools to give you a list of the 50 most valuable kitchen gifts every foodie will appreciate. I've even included a few of my favorite modern appliances that I absolutely can't live without in my own home kitchen (spoiler: the Lomi electric composter).

Ready to explore the kitchen gift list of a qualified chef? Use the links below to discover the best kitchen presents in 2022.

Don't have time to read through all 50 kitchen gift ideas? No problem! In the section below, I've compiled a short list of my absolute favorite kitchen presents to give to friends or family.

Our top kitchen gift ideas for the foodie in your life

Whether you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day, Father's Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Valentine's Day present, one of these kitchen gift ideas will be well received by all.

  1. The most unique kitchen gift: Lomi Composter
  2. The coolest kitchen gift: Instant pot
  3. The most useful kitchen gift: Starfrit electric mandoline
  4. The best kitchen gadget gift under $50: Automatic pan stirrer with timer
  5. The best all around kitchen gift: Mauviel 10" copper fry pan

20 kitchen gadget gifts under $50

Sure, there's plenty of expensive kitchen gadget gifts that promise to do it all. But sometimes, the simple, everyday items are the ones I continuously reach for in my own kitchen. Check out these 20 unique, yet extremely helpful, kitchen gadgets under 50 bucks.

1. Ninja express chop

Ninja express chop kitchen vegetable chopper

Hard-to-cut vegetables like garlic, onions, and jalapeno peppers are quickly chopped and prepped with the Ninja express chop. Unlike expensive chef knives, this kitchen tool is dishwasher safe and chops evenly no matter what their knife skills may be.

Price: $19.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: Its sealed chamber allows for quick clean up and minimal tears while cutting onions.

2. Misen paring knife

Blue Misen paring knife

A full knife set is a fantastic gift for any kitchen but it may not be in everyone's price range. Instead, invest in one, high-quality knife for your favorite chef. The Misen paring knife allows chefs to make precise cuts during prep time. It's one of our favorite new kitchen gifts for novice cooks or anyone looking to update their everyday kitchen tools.

Price: $40 USD

Why they’ll love it: This paring knife comes with a lifetime guarantee so they'll appreciate it for years to come.

3. Food 52 ceramic salt cellar

Small ceramic salt holder

Salt cellars are unique gifts for kitchen novices or junior chefs who are starting to gain fluency in their culinary skills. Once a cook is proficient enough to "eyeball" their seasonings, this beautiful ceramic cellar allows easy access to pinches of salt as needed.

Price: $34 USD

Why they’ll love it: They'll no longer have to worry about their flaked or coarse sea salts getting trapped inside the shaker.

4. Embossed rolling pin

Embossed rolling pin on cookie dough

If you know a serious baker, they seriously need this rolling pin. Cookies, biscuits, and shortbreads will be adorned with the custom embossed pattern engraved into this wooden rolling pin. You may even get lucky and discover a plate of sugar cookies waiting for you after they receive this kitchen gift.

Price: $11.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This rolling pin is the perfect addition to mom's kitchen. Give one to your mom for a thoughtful mother's day gift or stuff it inside your grandmother's Christmas stocking.

5. Make your own hot sauce kit

Homemade hot sauces on counter

This hot sauce kit is a hit with home chefs who enjoy a little heat in their dishes. The sauces are easy to assemble and offer a burst of spice while giving cooks the opportunity to hone in on each chili's unique flavor profile.

Price: $42 USD

Why they’ll love it: This hot sauce making kit takes at-home taco nights to the next level. 

6. Molcajete

Guacamole made in stone mortar and pestle

Know a home cook who loves a good homemade dip? Treat them to this authentic mortar and pestle made in Mexico from volcanic stone. The molcajete's rough surface releases fresh, bright flavors in salsas, guacamole, or mole.

Price: $39.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: When not in use, this beautiful stone is a picture-worthy addition to any kitchen’s glass cabinet or decorative display shelf.

7. Bamboo mixing bowls

Set of 5 bamboo mixing bowls

Appetizers, salads, or sides are beautifully presented when served in these modern bamboo bowls. They're also a great accompaniment for bakers who can never have enough mixing bowls on hand.

Price: $49.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: Any home cook will appreciate the cabinet space saved with these stackable mixing bowls.

8. Cuisinart classic waffle maker

Silver round waffle maker

Waffle irons aren't just for waffles anymore. If you know a home cook with a creative streak, send this classic waffle maker their way along with a collection of unique waffle iron recipes. Omelets, sliders, cookies, and acorn squash are just a few of the items that can be pressed into creation.

Price: $29.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The iron's non-stick coating allows waffles to easily slide off the press once they're cooked through.

9. Brightland The Pair vinegar duo

Brightland champagne and balsamic vinegar duo

Does your favorite chef already have all the kitchen gadgets they need? Surprise them with a pair of boutique vinegars instead. Brightland brews their vinegars with fresh Californian grapes to create a flavorful yet zesty recipe addition for any salad lover or sauce enthusiast.

Price: $44 USD

Why they’ll love it: These vinegars are incredibly versatile and will compliment both sweet or savory dishes. Toss in a few of Brightland's infused olive oil bottles into your chef's gift bag for one of the best kitchen gifts for vegetarian cooks.

10. Personalized kitchen apron

Smiling woman cooking with apron on

A personalized kitchen apron is a thoughtful gift for any home cook or family member who spends a good portion of their time whipping up treats in the kitchen. It's an especially nice mother's day present for moms who coordinate the meals during every holiday season.

Price: $22.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This personalized apron is made with 100% cotton, so it's lightweight, comfortable, and easy to toss into the washing machine.

11. Le Creuset salt & pepper mills

black and white salt and pepper shakers

Le Creuset designed these ceramic salt and pepper shakers to cut through tough peppercorns and to look beautiful on any kitchen counter. Your favorite foodie friend will feel like a master chef after just a few turns of these gourmet spice mills.

Price: $46 USD

Why they’ll love it: Give them a pair of marseille blue or flame orange salt and pepper mills to spice up their food and their kitchen decor.

12. Silicone cupcake liners

Colorful rainbow cupcake liners

Every baker needs a set of trusty cupcake liners to prevent their precious cakes from sticking to the pan. But why stick with traditional rounds? These liners transform baked goods, eggs, or frozen treats into beautiful star, rose, and heart shapes.

Price: $15.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: These liners are easy to clean and reusable so your favorite baker won't have to toss out single-use liners after the party is over.

13. Automatic pan stirrer with timer

Automatic pan stirrer in sauce pot

Iconic sauces like béchamel, hollandaise, and roux can be a full bicep workout by the time you're done with them. For a talented cook who is a natural multi-tasker, make cooking easier for them with this automatic pan stirrer. Send them one of these useful kitchen gifts to prevent burned or lumpy sauces for good.

Price: $34 USD

Why they’ll love it: This smart kitchen appliance comes with a rechargeable port so your favorite foodie won't have to worry about finding spare batteries to use this kitchen gadget.

14. Bee's wrap food coverings

Beeswax wrap for food

Food storage is an important part of cooking. Encourage friends to ditch the single use sandwich bags and replace them with these beautiful wraps instead. Beeswax food wraps are handy for wrapping half a lemon, storing fresh greens, or covering a prep bowl for later use.

Price: $18 USD

Why they’ll love it: These wraps are better than plastic bags because they're reusable and easy to clean with a light rinse of soap and water. 

15. Five Two silicone oven mitts

Collection of pastel oven mitts

High-quality oven mitts are one of the best kitchen gifts for a home cook who is still using grandma's old mitts to transfer hot cast iron skillets. They may not even realize how much of a game changer these oven mitts are until they stop accidentally burning their fingers all the time.

Price: $40 USD

Why they’ll love it: They aren't your standard oven mitt. These oven safe gloves are built with platinum grade silicone so they're heat resistant up to 650 degrees.

16. Wine chilling wands

Two stainless steel wine chillers in glasses

Any multi-tasking cook knows how easy it is to walk away from their wine glass and completely forget about it until dinner's ready. Toss one of these wine chilling wands into that room temperature chardonnay and it'll be ice cold again in minutes.

Price: $49.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: They can skip the ice and preserve their wine's robust natural flavors with these stainless steel drink chillers. It's one of our favorite new kitchen gifts for couples who love hosting cocktail parties or soirees.

17. Fox Run Brands magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder mounted on kitchen wall

Looking for kitchen gifts that won't take up too much space on your chef's countertops? Give them this beautiful magnetized knife holder. Although classic knife blocks are beautiful, they take up prime counter space and are prone to mold and mildew. This magnetic wood panel is a clean, dry, and efficient way to store steak knives or chef knives.

Price: $19.52 USD

Why they’ll love it: This magnetic knife holder will quickly evolve into a cherished kitchen gadget once a cook realizes that their keys, bottle openers, thermometers, and other metal goods stick onto it as well.

18. The Pioneer Woman Sweet Romance Blossom serving bowl with handles

Floral patterned serving bowl with handles

Every home chef desires that extra special "wow" factor to impress their guests with. This country-style, romance blossom serving bowl does just that. It’s designed by NY Times best selling author and Pioneer Woman lifestyle blogger, Ree Drummond. Perfect for family dinners or festive parties.

Price: $17.96 USD

Why they’ll love it: This Pioneer Woman bowl is both dishwasher and microwave safe. This makes it a beautiful and practical kitchen present.

19. DWËLLZA Kitchen oil dispenser bottle and sprayer

Olive oil dispenser and sprayer

Take control of your cooking oil with the help of these beautiful glass oil dispensers. Use the oil spritzer to season cast iron skillets, lubricate your cook top, or to evenly grease vegetables before roasting. The pouring dispenser also works brilliantly for homemade salad dressings or oil infusions.

Price: $29.89 USD

Why they’ll love it: This oil spray bottle easily takes the place of single-use aerosol spray cans. The sky is the limit since these bottles can be filled with any type of oil including coconut, macadamia, sesame, or walnut.

20. Bespoke Post knife sharpener

Blue knife sharpener

A dull knife blade is a dangerous tool to work with. That’s why every kitchen deserves a knife sharpener stashed somewhere inside its cabinets or drawers. Encourage your dad to sharpen the old knives with this slim and sleek designed kitchen tool. 

Price: $15 USD

Why they’ll love it: Its modern slimline design makes it easy to tuck inside the silverware drawer. 

14 best gifts for the kitchen ($50 - $100)

If you'd like to purchase a reasonably priced but useful kitchen gift for couples, in-laws, or a new girlfriend or boyfriend, the following 14 presents are both practical and deliciously novel.

21. Stainless steel food scale with pull out display

Bowl of popcorn on kitchen scale

Not all kitchen gifts require the latest technology to make cooking easier. A simple food scale is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake. Because recipe measurements can range between cups, ounces, milliliters, and grams, a scale performs quick and exact conversions for your favorite baker.

Price: $55.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This scale holds up to 11lbs, so large cuts of meat can be accurately weighed to determine the appropriate cooking time.

22. MEATER Plus smart meat thermometer with bluetooth

Smart watch with meat statistics

A trustworthy (and fast!) meat thermometer is worth every cent. It may be the 10 minute difference between perfectly tender poultry and bone dry chicken. This modern day meat thermometer includes two temperature sensors, a guided cook system, and bluetooth compatibility.

Price: $79.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: It's impossible to overcook chicken with this meat thermometer since it comes with its very own app. It can even connect to your smart watch to provide real time updates on your meat.

23. Hamilton beach big mouth pro juicer

Electric juice with green juice

Plant-based chefs will love starting their day with a glass of incredibly nutritious homemade juice from the big mouth pro juicer. A juicer is a great birthday present for anyone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle and wants to pack in their nutrients before rushing out the door for their next meeting.

Price: $82.85 USD

Why they’ll love it: This juicer's attachments are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.

24. Anthropologie gilded agate cheese board

Pink agate cheese stone

For a truly glamorous home cook, dote on them with this stunning agate cheese board. It's sophisticated, modern, and worth showing off even when there's no cheese in sight.

Price: $78 USD

Why they’ll love it: Need a housewarming gift or a holiday gift for a coworker or in-law? This classy charcuterie board is one of the best kitchen gifts to give anyone who enjoys a fancy wine and cheese night.

25. Hamilton Beach 9 lb artisan bread maker

Bread cooked inside bread maker

This bread maker is one of the best kitchen gifts for friends who love the art of sourdough bread making. This is one of those helpful kitchen gadget gifts that requires little effort from the user in order to create a valuable end product. Simply pour in your ingredients and this smart kitchen appliance kneads and bakes delicious bread with just the press of a button.

Price: $60.55 USD

Why they’ll love it: This bread maker is the perfect kitchen present for any celiac or wheat-free bakers who want to bake bread in their own home using gluten-free flours.

26. Luvele pure yogurt maker

Homemade yogurt maker

If you know a vegan cook, send this homemade yogurt maker their way. Why? Dairy substitutes for recipes can add up to be quite expensive at the grocery store. Instead, they can use this nifty piece of kitchen equipment to cultivate their own coconut or almond yogurt.

Price: $99.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: The machine comes with adorable ceramic jars for easy storage.

27. Instant pot

Instant pot

Need the best kitchen gift for your beloved foodie friend? This instant pot will change their cooking world as they know it. What can it do? The real question is, what can't it do? This instant pot operates as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, sauté pan, sous vide cooker, sterilizer, food warmer, cake baker, steamer, and yogurt maker.

Price: $99.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: An instant pot is one of the best gifts for the kitchen newbie who wants to build their confidence behind the prep counter. It comes with its own app of easy to follow recipes and cooking instructions.

28. Wall mounted pot rack

Pots hanging from mount rack

One of the best gifts you can give to a home cook is a little more space in their cabinets for new kitchen gadgets. This wall mounted pot rack is the perfect size for a cook who tends to stick to a few main pots and pans for most of their recipes.

Price: $59.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This mount is extremely versatile so it can be used to hang ladles, whisks, collanders, or mesh strainers as well.

29. John Boos maple cutting board 1-1/2" thick

Maple wood chopping board

Boos boards are the cutting surface of choice amongst culinary professionals. This maple cutting board is made in the USA, NSF certified, and made from renewable and sustainable hardwoods.

Price: $94.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: Boos’ cutting board features reversible sides to provide a custom surface for different food types.

30. Aerogarden Sprout

Basil growing in sprout kitchen appliance

The farm-to-table restaurant trend is here to stay and it's now reaching into our home kitchens. If you have a foodie friend who goes nuts over farm fresh produce, give them the Sprout by Aerogarden. It grows lettuces and herbs 5x faster than normal soil, plus, they won't have to leave their kitchen to grab a handful of fresh herbs.

Price: $69.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: If your favorite cook isn't a natural green thumb, this handy herb growing device will remind them to care for their plants on a regular basis.

31. New Larousse Gastronomique cook book

Book with images of pasta types

Larousse Gastronomique is a cooking encyclopedia that every at home chef needs displayed, or even mounted, in their kitchen. Approved by cooking-legend Julia Child, this 1,216 page culinary manual explores food history, ingredients, kitchen equipment and modern day cooking techniques that incorporate molecular gastronomy and sous-vide.

Price: $84.84 USD

Why they’ll love it: It’s an excellent kitchen present for either kitchen workers with years of experience or newbie chefs. This cooking encyclopedia is one of those heirloom reads that's eventually passed down to other family members.

32. Starfrit electric mandoline

Electric starfrit mandoline

For fine slicing and dicing, a mandoline is an essential tool in every home or commercial kitchen. Although many cooks may already own the manual version of this kitchen slicer, an automatic mandoline allows you to control slice thickness while keeping your fingers safe.

Price: $67.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: Starfrit's mandoline also juliennes, cubes, and shreds vegetables. Great for chefs who do lots of prep.

33. SodaStream Terra sparkling water maker

Soda stream kit

Crisp, refreshing, and incredibly hydrating. Any chef who enjoys creating homemade syrups for cocktails or spritzers will enjoy this effervescent kitchen present. The Terra starter pack includes one sparkling water maker, 1L plastic bottle, and a quick connect CO2 cylinder.

Price: $99.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: Making sparkling water at home is a great way to cut back on single use bottles or cans. 

34. Breville The Smoking Gun

Smoking gun food infuser

Not everyone has room to house a smoker in their backyard. If your dad can’t get enough of those house-smoked flavors in his food, he’ll enjoy using the Smoking Gun to blast his meat or veggies with this savory aroma.

Price: $99.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: This kitchen tool is incredibly easy to use and works on an array of items. Use it to infuse meat, vegetables, fruits, and even cocktails with wood smoked flavor.

The 16 best kitchen gifts over $100

Ready to splurge on your favorite cook? Lavish your spouse, significant other, or beloved family member with any one of these premium kitchen gifts over $100.

35. Lomi

Lomi transforms cooking scraps into dirt

The secret to a high-performing kitchen is a clean-as-you-go system. But carrying dripping egg shells, smelly banana peels, and mounds of potato peels from countertops to the trash can is never a fun job. A Lomi electric kitchen composter is a unique kitchen gift that makes cleanup easier for chefs.

Toss kitchen waste into Lomi and in less than 8 hours, food scraps are transformed into odorless dirt that can be used as plant fertilizer. This high-quality indoor electric composter features a sleek, modern design that looks beautiful on any kitchen countertop.

Price: $499 USD

Why they’ll love it: Cooks rate Lomi so highly because it allows them to get rid of food scraps without stepping away from their prep station. Lomi also reduces trips to the outdoor garbage bin, making it the best compost bin for busy cooks.

36. Breville control grip immersion blender

Handheld immersion blender

If you know a cooking enthusiast who doesn't already own an immersion blender, (also known as a burr mixer in commercial kitchens) this handheld mixer is a must-have in every kitchen. Breville’s immersion blender packs 15-speeds of power to make chopping, whipping, pureeing, and emulsifying, as efficient as possible.

Price: $129.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: This burr mixer's non-scratch base won't harm non-stick pans.. It's one of the best kitchen gifts for parents who love a good homemade tomato soup or salad dressing.

37. Anova Precision sous vide cooker

Man cooking with precision cooker

Menu items like poached apples, duck breast a l'orange, and glazed carrots are no longer reserved for 5-star restaurants. Anova's precision sous vide tool cooks meats, vegetables, and fruits to tender perfection with the click of a button. 

Price: $140 USD

Why they’ll love it: This sous vide cooker comes with its own app. The app offers easy step-by-step instructions for both dinner and dessert recipes.

38. Le Creuset heritage stoneware rectangular covered casserole

Bright yellow stoneware baking dish

Many home cooks have a love/hate relationship with casserole dishes. On one hand, you can easily throw everything into a single pan for an easy meal. On the other hand, soaking and scraping out bits of burned food is a tedious mission. Le Creuset's casserole dish gives kitchen gurus the best of both worlds. It bakes ziti, lasagna, and chicken florentine while its enamel glazed finish is naturally nonstick.

Price: $135 USD

Why they’ll love it: This heavy duty casserole pan comes with its very own custom lid to prevent food from browning too quickly.

39. Evermill The In-Drawer spice rack

Sleek spice rack inside drawer

For truly minimalist kitchens, the in-drawer spice rack from Evermill is an intuitive solution to maximizing countertop space. This completely modular spice rack fits inside any drawer and is angled to ensure each spice label is readable from standing level. For chefs who prefer their spices at arms reach, Evermill also sells a counter top rack.

Price: $269 USD

Why they’ll love it: Each kitchen spice rack comes with 100% organic spices included. This makes it the best kitchen present for newly weds who want to stay organized.

40. Nutr Machine

Nutr mylk machine being poured

Another must have for vegan and vegetarian kitchens. Give this mylk making machine to anyone who enjoys a plant-based diet. In just a few minutes, this machine produces bespoke vegan mylks using only a handful of ingredients. 

Price: $169 USD

Why they’ll love it: Unlike cow milk, alternative mylks are notoriously sold in small-sized cartons. With this machine, vegan cooks can significantly reduce the amount of boxes they go through during a typical week.

41. Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle

White fellow stagg water kettle

Looking for the best kitchen gifts for a tea or coffee lover? This beautiful electric gooseneck kettle boils water in mere minutes and even has a built in timer for perfect brewing and steeping.

Price: $146 USD

Why they’ll love it: Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy setting the temperature on their Stagg kettle to the exact degree of heat required for their morning brew.

42. 6-Cup HP twin pressure rice cooker

White and rose gold rice cooker

If you're not an avid cook, it may come as a shock to know that it can be incredibly hard to achieve perfect rice texture. However, the HP twin pressure cooker takes the guess work out of the cooking process and creates perfectly fluffy (or sticky!) rice every time.

Price: $259.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: Whether your favorite chef prefers cooking white, brown, wild, short, or long grain rice—there's a setting for that built into this steam cooker.

43. Mauviel 10" copper fry pan

French copper kitchen saute pan

Loved by professional chefs everywhere, Mauviel's French copper pans add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. These copper skillets are incredibly sensitive to heat, which makes them perfect for precise frying, searing, and sautéing.

Price: $179.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: This gorgeous pan is worth hanging up on display. If they don't already own a hanging pot rack, they might buy one just to showcase this copper pan’s beauty. It's one of the best kitchen gifts for her or him!

44. Ninja air fryer max XL

Black ninja air fryer

If you know a hobbyist chef who doesn't already own an air fryer, this powerful kitchen appliance will revolutionize their culinary world. This kitchen tool makes it super easy to air fry while minimizing the fat content of popular fried foods like french fries and chicken wings.

Price: $169.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: This air fryer requires 75% less fat than traditional frying methods and it can be used to bake, reheat, and even dehydrate food.

45. Breville smart scoop ice cream maker

Breville ice cream maker

Know someone with an insatiable sweet tooth? Give them a Breville smart scoop for a kitchen gift they’ll treasure every time the thermometer starts ticking upwards. With multiple hardness settings and a self refrigerating compressor, your mom’s kitchen may turn into a regular ice cream social.

Price: $499.95 USD

Why they’ll love it: Not just for cow milk! The smart scoop creates delicious vegan treats like coconut milk ice cream or fruit sorbets.

46. Milo 5.5 Quart classic dutch oven

Pink baking dish

Although Le Creuset is one of the most popular brands for their bakeware, (see our casserole pan review above!) Milo's stunning 5.5 quart dutch ovens are worth pointing the spotlight on. The pot's round shape and enameled cast iron allows for even heat distribution. Use it to fry, bake, simmer, boil, or as a roasting pan.

Price: $101.50 USD

Why they’ll love it: Milo's enameled cast iron cookware is non-toxic and even dishwasher friendly. Give this timeless kitchen present to a dear friend or mother-in-law.

47. Kitchen Aid 6 quart stand mixer

Blue stand up mixer

Need an anniversary present for a partner who adores spending time in the kitchen? Watch their eyes sparkle when they unwrap this top of the line stand up mixer from Kitchen Aid. Even if your significant other isn't an avid baker, a stand-up mixer works wonders to save time during daily meal prep.

Price: $429.99 USD

Why they’ll love it: If your loved one has ever expressed interest in making homemade pasta, Kitchen Aid offers a brilliant pasta cutter attachment that pairs with this stand up mixer.

48. Wusthof Classic Ikon 7 piece slim knife set

Wusthof 7 piece knife set in acacia block

High-quality cooking knives are a necessity in the culinary world. The sharper your chef's knife is, the easier it is to avoid kitchen accidents. Wusthof is well-known in the culinary world for their high carbon and stain resistant, stainless steel knives.

Price: $695 USD

Why they’ll love it: This knife set is the perfect wedding or housewarming kitchen present. It comes with a slim-profile knife block, great for couples with minimal kitchen counter space.

49. Levo II

Levo oil infuser

Infusion is a culinary art. Marry two unexpected flavors together and you may have an edible masterpiece on your hands. The Levo II infuses oils, butters, and gelatins with any herb or spice you throw at it. It's an excellent present for experimental home cooks.

Price: $299 USD

Why they’ll love it: Give this exciting new kitchen gadget to any baker who enjoys whipping up bespoke confectioneries in their kitchen.

50. Ooni Karu 16 multi-fuel pizza oven

Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

The ultimate splurge but well worth every bite of the crispy crust this pizza oven creates. Bake homemade, wood-fired pizzas using gas, wood, or charcoal fuel. Although it's designed for domestic use, this powerful pizza oven cranks up to 950°F in just 15 minutes.

Price: $799 USD

Why they’ll love it: There's no better way to host a neighborhood pizza party. This is one of the best kitchen gifts for parents or siblings who have a special place in their heart for authentic Italian food.


Whether you decide to give one of the latest kitchen gadget gifts like a Lomi electric composter or a timeless Le Creuset dutch oven, we hope you discovered the perfect kitchen gift in our list above.


Written by: Anna Buck