35+ Truly Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers & Green Thumbs (2022)

a plant wrapped up as a gift


Gift giving just got a whole lot greener with this list of the best gifts for plant lovers. Perfect for plant fanatics with indoor outdoor or plants, or just a fascination with plant life, it includes a range of plant gifts.

This is THE ultimate guide of gifts for plant lovers. It includes the best indoor gardening gifts, top gift ideas for those with outdoor gardens, and the best gifts for people who haven’t developed a green thumb yet. Below is a quick pick of 4 recommendations to get you started. 

4 best gift ideas for plant lovers in your life (our top picks)

If the holidays are quickly approaching and you need a plant lover gift now, here are 4 of our top picks:

  1. Best gift for indoor plant lovers: Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO
  2. Best personalized gift for plant lovers: Personalized Garden Seed Box
  3. Most unique gift for plant lovers: Back to the Roots Indoor Aquaponic Garden and Fishtank
  4. Most thoughtful gift for a plant lover: Lomi Home Composter

But there’s more where that came from. A lot more. With 35 gifts listed below, we’ve got something for every plant daddy and mommy. Those with both a beginner and novice green thumb will be catered to. 

35 incredible gifts for the plant lovers in your life

Between books and tools, decoration items and tech-friendly equipment, the following 35 items are the best gifts for any plant lover. 

1. Macrame Wall Plant Hanger

macrame plant hangers in different colors

Combining a 100% cotton macrame cord and wooden stick, this plant hanger is one of the best plant gifts for any green thumb. Each one is handcrafted in the US and perfect when accompanied with a new plant to go indoors or outdoors. They fit a variety of flowerpot shapes and sizes.

Price: $40

Why they’ll love it: 24 different colors are available and they come in four different styles. 

2. Pela Case

a black phone case with plants on it

Not all the best gifts for plant lovers are gardening tools or ways to grow plants. Sometimes, they’re made of plants themselves! This means that these handmade phone cases can protect your phone from scratches and drops, then safely be composted. They’re available for most Apple and Android phone sizes.

Price: $59.95

Why they’ll love it: As an excellent alternative to plastic, all Pela phone cases are responsible for 30% less carbon emissions, 34% lower water usage, and 80% less waste production. 


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


3. Mkono Plant Propagation Tubes

a variety of glass tubes for propagation

Propagation stations are one of the best gift ideas for plant lovers looking to expand their range of plant babies. This kit features a three-tiered stand with 15 tubes to hold plant cuttings, like those from pothos, the swiss cheese plant, or even lucky bamboo. The clear glass will allow your favorite plant person to keep an eye on the plant’s roots and growth condition.

Price: $22.99

Why they’ll love it: Fun and functional, this great gift isn’t just a place to propagate indoor plants, it also looks great as home decor! 

4. Uncommon Goods Growlight Frame Shelf

a steel frame with plants on it

Help your family member who loves plants trade sill plants for show-off plants! Doubling as cute home decor, the frame-shaped shelf has a white LED grow light on top. It can help plants and herbs to thrive while looking like a piece of artwork.

Price: $289

Why they’ll love it: The stainless steel frame can be held vertically for a fern or aloe plant, or horizontally for a few potted plants or small herb garden.

5. Lomi Kitchen Composter

Lomi electric kitchen composter next to plants

Why not give your favorite plant lover a guilt-free way to tackle waste and something that can turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich dirt to support their plants? The Lomi smart kitchen composter has been loved by thousands of households because of how easy and stink-free it is. Just the touch of a button and a few hours can transform “trash” into treasure.

Price: $499

Why they’ll love it: When used in ‘Grow Mode,’ the soil created by Lomi provides nutrients like those from organic and non-synthetic fertilizer—all while reducing a household’s carbon footprint by up to 127%.


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


6. Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

an organic garden for herbs

Growing herbs indoors just got a lot easier with this fun gift. It’s got everything a green thumb needs to produce fresh herbs from the comfort of their kitchen, windowsill, apartment balcony, or countertop. It includes USDA-certified organic seeds for basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme, as well as potting soil disks and biodegradable pots.

Price: $29.97

Why they’ll love it: The kit also comes with plant markers so that it’s easy to keep track of what’s growing. 

7. Succulent Kit Organizer Bag + Gardening Tools Set

a tool set for gardeners

A perfect gift for plant people who love succulents, this kit has all of the gardening tools they could need: drip bottle; shovel; rake; spade; air dust blower; dig seedling tool; hole puncher; scoop; curved tip tweezers; cleaning brush; small scissors; and a plastic bucket shovel. Everything is stored in a durable tote, too!

Price: $13.97

Why they’ll love it: In addition to succulents and cuttings, the gardening tools can be used for cacti, small plants, tiny terrarium plants, bonsai trees, and fairy gardens. 

8. Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO

white smart garden

Growing indoors is as easy as a touch of a button with this grow kit. It’s an indoor smart garden that’s easier than a hydroponics system. Your loved one won’t have to worry about a watering schedule, because this system takes care of it for them—in addition to optimizing grow light settings and adding the perfect balance of oxygen and plant nutrients. Everything can be set on the smart garden itself, or by using the paired app.

Price: $289.95

Why they’ll love it: The kit comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil, and 3 green lettuce pods. Other seed pods are available, like herbs, chili, greens, flowers, and wild strawberries.

9. The Unkillables: 40 resilient houseplants for new plant parents

a green book about plants

For plant parent wannabees, this is an excellent book for the coffee table. It provides essential knowledge so that even the worst plant serial killers can become proud plant parents. If your loved one ends up with a home filled with dead leaves and shriveled up-looking plants, this is a thoughtful gift for them.

Price: $16.95

Why they’ll love it: The coffee table read also features a first-aid section that discusses typical plant ailments and how to address them. It also includes a ‘plant soulmate quiz’ that will match your plant fan with plants that are best for them and their homes. 



10. The Gardener Mug

white mug with multi-color plant design

While it’s one of the best gardening gifts for a mom, this coffee mug is perfect for anyone who’s a plant addict—and equally addicted to caffeine! It features a cute tarot-inspired design with a skeleton gardener on it. Even if it’s not used for hot beverages, it can be used as a planter.

Price: $20.99

Why they’ll love it: The mug is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. It comes in 11oz and 15oz options. 

11. Self-Watering Microgreens Growing Kit

microgreen hydroponic system

Perfect for foodies, this grow kit makes it easy to sprout nutrient-rich microgreens. After simply adding water, the kit takes just 7-10 days to produce 5 different types of microgreens—no soil or grow light required. The natural wooden box just needs to be placed on top of the microgreen tray and hemp mats, which have a hydroponic insert.

Price: $39.95

Why they’ll love it: The kit includes organic broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, arugula, and cabbage microgreen seeds. Microgreens have 40% more nutrition than fully matured veggies! 

12. Ultimate Heirloom Seed Vault

individually wrapped seed packets

If you know a green thumb who has many outdoor spaces ready for new plants, then this is one of the best gifts for them. The gift pack includes 144 heirloom, non-GMO varieties of produce. All of the seed packets can be stored long-term in the included ammo can.

Seed packets are some of the best gifts for gardeners—especially if it’s 144 of them! This Premium seed vault from Victory Gardens includes not just a carry case to store the seed packets, but also 144 non-GMO, heirloom varieties of produce. From radish and squash seeds to carrots and cantaloupe, your loved one can bring a lot of life into their garden.

Price: $147.99

Why they’ll love it: Featuring things like rare heirloom tomatoes, medicinal herbs, and fruits like wild strawberries, this kit has seeds that are suitable for all 9 US hardiness zones. 

13. The Plant Parent Wishlist Coloring Book

coloring book for plant parents

Perfect as a coffee table book, this plant parent coloring book is one of the best gifts for the plant fanatic in your life. The coloring book features 30 illustrations of plants. Even better, it provides information about how to water and fertilize, optimal light conditions, and the place of origin for each plant.

Price: $6.97

Why they’ll love it: If the plant lover in your life is ready to expand their range of house plants, this book can help them learn how to care for them properly. 

14. Copper Plant Markers

copper plant markers

There’s no such thing as too many plants, but if your plant loving friend is having difficulties keeping track of theirs, then these copper plant markers might help. The kit includes 40 of them, which can be easily customized with the included ink marker.

Price: $23.98

Why they’ll love it: Both the oil-based paint marker and the copper markers themselves are designed to hold up well outdoors. They look good as home decor when used for indoor plants, too. 

15. Hummingbird Garden Kit

growing kit for hummingbirds

If your favorite gardener is also an avid birdwatcher, then this is one of the best plant gifts for them. In addition to biodegradable pods, peat pellets, and wooden garden markers, it  includes 9 seed varieties known to attract hummingbirds. They’re all easy to grow, too!

Price: $56.95

Why they’ll love it: The seed varieties include a variety suitable for all outdoor spaces: mixed cosmos; seashell cosmos; verbena; celosia; zinnias; purple coneflower; mexican sunflowers; and red columbine. 

16. Modern Sprout Watering Can

west elm modern design watering can

Sold on West Elm, this is one chic watering can. It’s designed to fit on windowsills or narrow shelves and it has a long spout that makes pouring a breeze. It holds 3 liters of water.

Price: $119

Why they’ll love it: The stainless steel is rust-resistant and comes in black, brass, or emerald. 

17. Kids Indoor Herb Garden Growing Kit

growing kit for kids

For plant lovers with kids, this kit is perfect. It’s never too early to teach someone how to become a green thumb, and this box set makes it easy for little ones to get their hands dirty. It includes non-GMO, heirloom parsley, basil, and cilantro, as well as pots, soil wafers, wooden markers and a water bottle and shovel.

Price: $33.97

Why they’ll love it: The kid-friendly grow kit also includes easy recipes to make once the herbs are ready to be harvested. 

18. Rifle Paper. Co AirPods Case

pink headphones case with plant design

Sometimes, the best gardening gifts don’t even have to include plants. For the plant daddy or mommy in your life who has plants on their mind 24/7, this silicone AirPod case would make a perfect gift. It comes in 7 plant-inspired designs (Garden Party Blush is our favorite) and keeps AirPods Pro safe from bumps, scrapes, and scratches.

Price: $29.99

Why they’ll love it: The included gold keychain and metal carabiner clip makes it easy for your plant person to secure their AirPods while hiking, cycling, running, walking, or gardening. 

19. Personalized Garden Seed Box

wooden box with personalized lid

If gardening is your loved one’s favorite hobby, then one of the best gifts you can give them is something that helps them during every growing season. This personalized garden seed box does exactly that. The wooden box is personalized on the lid and inside with a name and message.

Price: $26.50

Why they’ll love it: In addition to space that can hold their own seeds, the plant caddy includes tomato, carrot, and courgette (zucchini) seed packets. 

20. Terracotta Watering Globes

terracotta heart-shaped watering globes

Green thumbs won’t need to remember a watering schedule with these self-watering spikes. Perfect for use with outdoor and indoor plants, each one can be filled with 260 ml of water that is released steadily over a 5-day period. The cute pink, blue, and red heart shapes will add a splash of color, too.

Price: $26.60

Why they’ll love it: The ceramic terracotta material will naturally—and slowly—release water into the soil. 

21. House Plant Journal

green and pinkjournal for houseplants

If your plant loving friend could use a little help taking care of their house plants, then this journal is ready to assist. Perfect for a plant daddy or mommy, it helps your loved one track their plant babies. They can jot down notes about adding water and plant food and keep track of growth.

Price: $12.99

Why they’ll love it: The journal contains space for up to 42 individual plant species to be cataloged. There are also lined spaces for more freeform-style journaling. 

22. Pet-Friendly Plant Gift Box Subscription

single plant next to open box

What’s even better than the best gifts for plant lovers? Plant gifts that arrive every month, of course! With this subscription, your favorite plant addict will receive a new plant every single month. More specifically, it will be a new plant that’s pet-friendly.

Price: $46.99

Why they’ll love it: In addition to the pet-friendly, non-toxic 3” new plant that comes every month, your friend or family member will receive a care card, plastic nursery planter, and soil that can be mixed for garden use in an indoor pot. 

23. Seed Savers Kit

steel case with spaces for seed envelopes

As your green thumb may know, seeds are increasingly hard to come by. That said, one of the most valuable gifts for plant lovers is something to help them save their seeds. This kit makes it fun and easy, and includes glassine envelopes, personalization labels, seed tins, date/variety labels, harvesting and processing chats, stakes, and instructions for use.

Price: $36

Why they’ll love it: The gardener can store everything in the included recycled US steel case.

24. Indoor Watering Can

copper watering can

Helping green thumbs give their indoor plants some outdoor plant love, this watering can has a spout that mimics rain. In fact, Haws watering cans have been around since 1886! Because they were able to provide an ideal balance of water, they’ve been a fixture in English gardens for more than a century.

Price: $134.95

Why they’ll love it: The pure copper watering can is lightweight, easy to carry, and provides an accurate watering. You can adjust the watering rose to switch between a delicate shower or solid stream. 

25. Vego Raised Garden Bed Kit

metal panels for raised garden bed

For plant lovers who want to take their passion outdoors, this kit is one of the best gifts for them. Featuring an innovative modular design, it can be modified into various configurations to fit nearly any outdoor space. Because it’s 17” tall, there’s a lot of room for root growth and drainage, and saves plant lovers from excessive bending.

Price: $259.95

Why they’ll love it: The raised garden bed is made with a durable combination of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum coated steel. It’s 100% non-toxic and has a 20+ year life. 

26. Long Floral Garden Gloves

mid-arm-length garden gloves with floral design

Every plant parent needs a cute pair of garden gloves—and this could be them. They feature an adorable bright floral print and durable synthetic leather palm. Because they’re extra long, they protect arms from dirt and scratches. There’s an adjustable wrist band to keep them securely on, too.

Price: $40

Why they’ll love it: These gloves are made by Womanswork, a woman-owned business that sells gloves made in the USA. 

27. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

book with gardener on cover

Plant lovers new and old can always learn something new. This book is the perfect gift for someone wanting to grow their own food. It’s nothing short of legendary, and provides a step-by-step guide for gardeners of all skill levels to grow their own vegetables and extend their growing season.

Price: $34.67

Why they’ll love it: For more than 20 years, author Ed Smith has been helping people around the world create a healthy and high-yield vegetable garden.

28. 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

plastic-paneled four-shelf greenhouse

All the best gifts for plant lovers are those that allow them to do more of what they love. And this is where a greenhouse can come in handy. It can extend the growing season by providing warmer conditions for seedlings, young plants, and potted plants. With four tiers, it can fit up to dozens of plants—all while weight light enough to easily move.

Price: $59.92

Why they’ll love it: The polyethylene cover is clear and has a roll-up zippered door to provide easy access. 

29. Four Best Clean Air Plants

four potted plants

Oftentimes, beginner indoor gardeners explore this new passion because they’ve heard that indoor plants can clean the air. You can support their interests—and cleaner indoor air—with this fun gift. It includes four large plants that have been hand-packed with sterilized peat moss and allergy-free soil.

Price: $85.99

Why they’ll love it: Backed up by a NASA study, the included plants are: Mother in Laws Tongue; Golden Pothos; Parlor or Areca Palm; and Flowering Peace Lily or Red Anthurium. 

30. Bonsai Starter Kit

pots and seeds with box

As one of the more unique gifts for plant lovers, this bonsai starter kit includes everything needed for your loved one to grow four types of bonsai trees. The seeds are stored in packets and can be easily added to the expanding soil discs and then placed in the cute burlap growing pots. It comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet and bonsai clipper, too.

Price: $19.98

Why they’ll love it: The four species of bonsai trees included are Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine; Black Poui; Norway Spruce; and Flame Tree. 

31. Back to the Roots Indoor Aquaponic Garden and Fishtank

clear fish tank with microgreens at the top

Here’s another fun gift to consider: an aquaponic microgreen, bamboo, or herb garden that doubles as a fish tank! The plants are added to the top of the tank and help to clean the water. Down below, the fish waste fertilizes the plants. It’s a continuous cycle that means that your plant lover can grow plants year-round.

Price: $49.99

Why they’ll love it: This award-winning ecosystem serves as a great educational gift for kids. Microgreens (like the included wheatgrass and radish) can be harvested in just 10 days! 

32. Stackable Vertical Garden Planter

vertical arrangement of potted plants

A plant lover can never have too many plants. This stackable garden planter allows your proud plant parent to welcome a new family member—or 15! Each pod can handle 5” plants, and with 5 stackable pots, there’s room for 15 different plants. It’s suitable for a herb garden, indoor plants, or small vegetables and lettuces.

Price: $34.99

Why they’ll love it:  The high-quality propylene is highly durable and resistant to cracks and fading. 

33. Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand Holder

ceramic owls on three-tiered bamboo stand

A cute way to hold succulents and other live potted plants, this decorative plant holder would look great on top of a desk or coffee table. Because it’s stacked, it’s space saving and looks clean. There’s a drainage hole at the bottom, and a tray to capture the water and soil.

Price: $19.80

Why they’ll love it: This adorable plant holder is made with natural bamboo and high-quality ceramic. If your loved one ends up being a serial plant killer, they can use it to hold candles, instead. 

34. Glass Wind Chimes Made From Pyramid Shaped Bottles

multi-color glass wind chimes hanging outdoors

Perfect for any outdoor spaces, these gorgeous glass wind chimes are ideal for a plant lover who wants to spend more time outside with their plant babies. As one of the more unique gifts for plant lovers, these handmade wind chimes ring to create a relaxing tone.

Price: $171.69

Why they’ll love it: The pyramid-shaped bottles come in 11 different colors that will glimmer in the sunshine. 

35. FlowerBar® Dried Flower Wood Arrangement

dried flowers centered on a wooden plank

For the plant parent who doesn’t have the time or space to bring real life into their home, this arrangement of dried flowers might be one of the best gift ideas for them. The oak wood shelf can be placed on a surface, like a coffee table, or hung from the wall. The flowers are a real, seasonal variety that will look great wherever they’re displayed.

Price: $40.69

Why they’ll love it: Carefully dried, the flowers will last years. All parts of this home decor item are naturally made.

We hope this list gave you more than enough inspiration to find something truly spectacular for the plant lover in your life. When in doubt, consider giving them something that can support their plants and our planet. The Lomi electric composter is a revolutionary way to fight food waste, and it makes for one of the best gifts for plant lovers. 

Written by: Heather Seely