30+ Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Eco-Friendly People

woman with Lomi and bow wrapping gifts

The holiday season is in full swing and now is the time to stock up on eco-friendly gifts for the whole family. To help you out, we’ve prepared a sustainable gift guide with everything from some of the best eco-friendly appliances to zero-waste essentials like bamboo toothbrushes. Use the following sections to find a present that’s a perfect match for your giftee and your budget.

Lomi knows that the most sustainable gifts are those that are practical, useful, and incorporate time spent together, rather than just “stuff” that sits in a closet to gather dust. With this in mind, our list includes some gifts that you can share with your loved ones, as well as some gifts that give back to our planet. 

Our top 7 picks for sustainable Christmas gift ideas

Before we get started, here are 7 of our top picks for Earth-friendly Christmas gifts for everyone in your life:

  1. The best sustainable Christmas present for mom: Girlfriend Collective Black Compressive High-Rise Leggings
  2. The best Christmas gift for eco-friendly cooks: Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker
  3. The best eco-friendly Christmas gift for teens or college students: House of Marley Rebel True Wireless Earbuds
  4. The best eco-conscious Christmas gift for dad: Outerknown S.E.A. Jeans 
  5. The best Christmas gift for sustainable foodies: Lettuce Grow Farmstand 12-Plant Hydroponic System
  6. The most eco-friendly Christmas gift for our planet: Lomi Smart Composter
  7. The most sustainable Christmas gift for kids: Sprout Plantable Pencils

The 13 best sustainable Christmas gifts for the whole family under $50

Buying a gift that supports your giftee and our planet doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 13 budget-friendly holiday gifts:

1. Tentree Smokey Bear Says T-Shirt

Smokey the bear t-shirt

There are more than 10 reasons this shirt from Tentree would make one of the best eco-conscious gifts. It’s made of organic cotton, it’s produced in an ethical supply chain, and it plants not just one tree—but 10 trees—with every purchase. Tentree is an independent brand dedicated to a positive environmental impact, so they’re a great place to turn for eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Price: $31.50

Perfect for: Women or men looking for something consciously cozy to wear. 

2. by Humankind Deodorant

reusable packages of refillable deodorant

Dedicated to reducing single-use plastics and their waste, by Humankind makes personal care products that are designed to be reused. This eco-friendly gift is all-natural deodorant that’s GMO-free, aluminum-free deodorant that comes in a revolutionary refillable container. The refills are made with biodegradable paper. by Humankind is carbon neutral, too.

Price: $15

Perfect for: Anyone—the gender-neutral scents include Lemongrass, Rosemary-Mint, Eucalyptus, Coconut, Lemongrass, and Lavender-Citrus

3. GreenLunch 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Lunch Bento Box

stacked stainless steel lunch boxes

Made with crack-resistant stainless steel and 50% larger than comparable bento boxes, these lunch boxes are a great alternative to plastic bags and can be used for storing leftovers, too.

Price: $37.86

Perfect for: Kids and adults that want an eco-friendly, non-toxic way to store snacks, meals, and leftovers

4. Better Battery Co. Better Battery Pack

box of batteries

They’re the world’s first carbon neutral battery companies and Better Battery Co.’s Better Battery Pack has the AA, AAA, and 9V batteries to last months. Even better, they’re designed to be recycled. The order will come with a recyclable poly mailer that can be used by your loved one to send back their old batteries to be responsibly recycled.

Price: $39.99

Perfect for: Anyone who could use zero waste batteries (or needs them for one of your other eco-friendly gifts)

5. Nimble APOLLO + WALLY Single Wireless Charger

recycled charger and plug

One of the best sustainable Christmas presents for tech-lovers, this Apple/Android device charger from Certified B Corp Nimble is made of recycled materials. There’s an anti-slip surface made from recycled silicone and the rest is composed of 72% post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s sent in plastic-free packaging free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

Price: $24.99

Perfect for: Anyone looking for a high-speed way to charge iPhone, AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Android devices

6. Zero Waste Starter Kit

box of sustainable swaps

Help your gift recipient jumpstart a zero waste journey with this starter kit. It includes 5 sustainable swaps: bamboo utensils, an organic GOTS certified produce bag, a sisal soap saver pouch, a choice between three colors of bamboo toothbrushes, and a box of bamboo cotton swabs.

Price: $45

Perfect for: A gift recipient wanting some of the best eco-friendly products for their bathroom

7. Sprout Plantable Pencils

pencils with herb names on them

One of the best eco gifts for kids, these pencils work just like the normal ones—but they can be planted! Once the FSC-certified wood runs out, the pencils can be planted to grow flowers or organic vegetables.

Price: $15.99

Perfect for: Kids, family members, colleagues, teachers, and anyone who would want to grow things like basil, daisies, and thyme with their old writing utensils

8. Jenny Joy’s DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit

fabric and beeswax blocks

Beeswax food wraps are one of the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts—even more so when your eco-conscious friend can make the beeswax wraps themselves (or with you)! This kit features everything they’ll need to make a few beeswax food wrap designs: fabric, accessories, and sustainably sourced beeswax blended with pine resin and organic jojoba oil.

Price: $30.99

Perfect for: A thoughtful gift for anyone wanting a zero waste kitchen 

9. Raaka Chocolate Best Sellers Trio

three wrapped chocolate bars

One of the best Christmas gifts for eco-friendly eaters with a sweet tooth, this gift set features three delicious dark chocolate bars: Coconut Milk, Pink Sea Salt, and Bourbon Cask Aged. The chocolate is vegan, gluten free, organic, dairy free, and fair trade.

Price: $17.95

Perfect for: Any eco-conscious friend who has a craving for conscious chocolate

10. Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Water Bottle

orange stainless steel bottle

A reusable water bottle is one of the most eco-friendly gifts you can give this year. It can help your loved one minimize their consumption of plastic bottles in the holiday season and beyond. Klean Kanteen’s durable bottles are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of colors.

Price: $25.95

Perfect for: Anyone looking for an alternative to water that comes in plastic bottles 

11. Stasher Reusable Storage Bag 4-Pack

multi-colored silicone bags

Available in many colors and fun patterns, silicone Stasher bags make for great sustainable gifts. They serve as an excellent alternative to plastic sandwich and snack bags and are easy to care for. They’re freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Price: $45.96

Perfect for: School-age kids, college students, adults on-the-go, people looking for a more sustainable way to store food, utensils, snacks, craft materials, tools, and more

12. Kynup 4-Pack Reusable Straws

multi-color reusable straw kit

Including 4 reusable straws, 4 metal cases, 4 keychains, and 4 silicon cleaners, this kit has everything a sustainable friend or family could need to replace single-use plastic straws. The collapsible straws are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be used for decades in order to curb ocean bound plastic waste.

Price: $14.99

Perfect for: Friends and family who commonly get drinks out, coffee and smoothie lovers, and kids

13. Paperless Towels Roll

cotton towels with chic design

Superior to even recycled paper, these paperless towels cut out the need for trees when your loved one has to clean up. One of the best gift ideas for those who prioritize sustainability, these reusable 100% cotton towels can be washed and reused. The kit features 25 paper towels in fun patterns, and a durable cardboard tube that they can be rolled onto.

Price: $29.99

Perfect for: People who want a consciously clean home

18 amazing eco-friendly Christmas gifts for your loved ones ($50+)

If you want to splurge sustainably, we also have 18 gifts that are more than worth the price tag because of the tremendous positive impact they’ll have on our planet. They’ll make your loved one’s life easier, too! 

14. Lomi Smart Composter

white indoor electric composter next to pie

At the touch of a button, Lomi can handle up to 80% of your loved one’s waste. It takes food scraps and other organic materials and transforms them into nutrient-rich dirt that can be used with houseplants or in the garden. The Lomi electric countertop composter can even break down some bioplastics, reducing the need for landfill space.

Price: $426.16 (Holiday Special!)

Perfect for: Eco-friendly individuals, people who want to compost in an easy, odor-free, pest-free way

Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.

15. Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker

black multi-function pressure cooker

Working as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/grain cooker, steamer, sauté, sous vide, yogurt maker, sterilizer, and warmer this is definitely one of the best eco-friendly kitchen appliance gifts to stick under the tree. Perfect for the home chef, it makes it easy to save time on recipes, retain more flavor, and perfect traditional recipes. It includes an app with more than 300 recipes.

Price: $99.95

Perfect for: Home cooks, families short on time, and people looking for an easier way to prepare their favorite meals

16. Terrapass 1-Year Carbon Offset

Terrapass logo

As one of the most unique and planet-supporting sustainable gifts, you can compensate for your loved one’s annual carbon emissions by purchasing them a carbon offset. Terrapass has calculated that the average American family produces roughly 36,000 pounds of CO2 emissions every year, and this gift will support emission reduction communities in the U.S. to offset that amount.

Price: $287.64

Perfect for: Anyone who wants an impactful Christmas gift that isn’t “stuff”

17. Outerknown S.E.A. Jeans

man in jeans

Founded by pro-surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown is a sustainable fashion brand and their S.E.A.Jeans epitomize ethical, sustainable practices. They’re made in a Fair Trade factory with 100% organic cotton. Guaranteed for life, Outerknown will repair, replace, or recycle them for free if they can no longer be worn.

Price: $188

Perfect for: Men looking for comfortable, laidback, straight leg jeans that can be worn for decades 

18. AirDoctor 2000 4-in-1 Air Purifier

white air purifier

This air purifier is one of the best sustainable Christmas presents for loved ones wanting pure, safe indoor air. The UltraHEPA filters work to rid air in small and medium rooms of contaminants as small as 0.003 microns in size—including dust, smoke, VOCs, bacteria, and viruses. Auto-mode adjusts filtration levels based on air quality, which helps to save energy.

Price: $349

Perfect for: Households exposed to air pollutants from local industry, traffic, or indoor sources (candles, cooking, cleaning products, etc.) 

19. 4-Pairs Organic Hemp Socks

4-pack of brown/gray socks

Socks are one of the most sustainable gifts. Why? Because they’re a practical gift—especially when made with a blend of antibacterial, odor-resistant, durable hemp fabric and organic cotton. These come from a woman-owned small business.

Price: $61.16

Perfect for: People with sensitive skin, or anyone looking for durable socks made from natural materials to wear while hiking, farming, or doing sports. 

20. Grouphug Window Solar Charger

mini solar panel

This window solar charger is one of the best eco-friendly gifts—just ask Shark Tank! It’s an easy-to-install and stylish solar panel that can be hung in a window and used to charge personal devices like smartphones, smart watches, bike lights, and AirPods. Designed to be repairable, it can be sent back to be fixed if anything goes wrong.

Price: $129

Perfect for: Kids, college students, teachers, renters, households, anyone with a window that gets a lot of sun! 

21. Nixon Rival Watch

green watch with digital display

A great gift for ocean lovers, this watch isn’t just pre-programed to share tide info for 550 beaches around the globe—it’s also made from recycled ocean plastic waste. The silicone band is paired with a water resistant case for wearability in the waves.

Price: $125

Perfect for: Surfers, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts

22. Coyuchi Unisex Cloud Loom™ Organic Robe

white plush robe

While it works for any gender, this robe could be a consciously cozy, thoughtful Christmas gift for your wife. It’s made from 100% organically-grown Turkish cotton—one of the softest, most sustainable materials there is. The robe is both GOTS and Made Safe certified, meaning that it’s free of toxic chemicals.

Price: $133.50

Perfect for: Someone needing a thick, plushy, cozy robe for some well-deserved self-care

23. Lettuce Grow Farmstand 12-Plant Hydroponic System

white hydroponic system with plants

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is just the thing to open on Christmas morning for your loved one who wants to grow their own food, but doesn’t know where to start. No green thumb required, it includes a self-watering pump, glow ring lights, a pH testing and everything else to produce food indoors (seedlings sold separately). As an added benefit, Lettuce Grow is one of the small businesses on Amazon!

Price: $649

Perfect for: Households, educators, schools, nonprofits, community organizations, or renters who want to grow their own food

24. Solgaard SHORE-TEX™ Lifepack

black backpack with multiple sections

Solgaard’s Lifepack backpack isn’t just made with upcycled, ocean-bound plastic—it features an integrated solar panel to charge your eco-conscious friend’s devices while on the go. As if that isn’t convincing enough to consider this as one of the best sustainable Christmas gifts, the backpack also has a patented anti-theft lock, drop-proof laptop storage, and water resistant bottom.

Price: $204

Perfect for: Someone always on-the-go—whether it’s to work, to the beach, while traveling, or to a favorite hiking spot

25. Baabuk Slip-In Slippers

green wool slipers

One of the most perfect eco gifts for the winter months, these unisex slippers keep toes toaty—in a sustainable and ethical way. They’re made of sustainably sourced wool uppers from mulesing-free New Zealand sheep. The soles are made of natural rubber. Baabuk partners with Nepalese artisans who are supported with fair trade conditions to make their slippers.

Price: $79

Perfect for: Someone who works from home or always struggles with cold feet in the winter

26. GE CYNC Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat in box

One of the best eco-conscious Christmas gift ideas, this smart thermostat can help your loved one reduce the carbon footprint of their heating and cooling. It can be paired with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and also features out-of-home control through the Cync app.

Price: $62.99

Perfect for: A household that could benefit from ideal temperature settings for different times of the day (cooling down before bed, warming up before waking up, turning off while no one’s at home, etc.)

27. House of Marley Rebel True Wireless Earbuds

brown and black earbuds

Offering superior sound made with recycled materials, these headphones provide a greener way to groove. Made with eco-friendly materials like solid bamboo and natural wood fiber composite, they’re also sweat and water resistant. They feature a noise cancellation button and support 8 hours of playtime from a single charge, 30 hours total with the case.

Price: $79.99

Perfect for: Music lovers, teenagers, college kids, and people who like to listen to music while running, cleaning, or doing other activities

28. Keap Candle Gift Boxed Candle

candle in black gift box

With scents like Wood Cabin, Waves, and Cotton Magnolia, these candles are perfect for gift recipients who want to bring the magic of the outdoors inside. They’re made with some of the most renewable resource ingredients, like coconut wax and regenerative palm wax. Once the candle is out your loved one will be left with a recyclable drinks tumbler. Don’t worry about wrapping paper: the candle comes in a gift box with matches and eco-friendly packaging materials.

Price: $54.50

Perfect for: New homeowners, nature-lovers, people who enjoy the soft flicker of a sustainably sourced candle

29. Plaine Products Eco-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

refillable aluminum bottles of shampoo and conditioner

Plaine Products is sister-owned-and-operated and one of the small businesses offering shampoo and conditioner in a refillable bottle. Once your gift recipient makes it through the products, they can return each refillable bottle to Plaine Products to be reused for free. Color safe and biodegradable, the shampoo and conditioner is made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients, like organic aloe juice and essential oils.

Price: $60

Perfect for: The gender-neutral scents—Rosemary, Mint, Vanilla—are suitable for everyone and all hair types

30. Girlfriend Collective Black Compressive High-Rise Legging

black high-rise leggings

As Girlfriend Collective’s #1 seller, these leggings are sure to be in any eco-friendly gift guide list. They’re not only made from 79% recycled PET (from roughly 25 recycled plastic bottles) but are also recyclable themselves. Your loved one can send them back to Girlfriend Collective for the recycled polyester to become a “new” excellent gift for someone else.

Price: $78

Perfect for: Any woman size XXS to 6XL

31. Buffy Cloud Comforter

white down alternative comforter

Give your loved one the gift of sustainably sourced slumber. The Cloud Comforter from Buffy is what dreams are made of. And it’s made of lyocell (an eucalyptus-based semi-synthetic fabric) and down alternative: fiber made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Each comforter makes use of 50 recycled bottles, keeping them out of landfills and oceans.

Price: $209

Perfect for: Someone looking for a softer, more sustainable night’s sleep (backed by a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee)

Hopefully this list has you feeling inspired and ready to get the perfect gifts for your Earth-conscious loved ones. When in doubt, you can follow suit of the more than 112,837 households who have turned to Lomi to reduce their food waste. When the planet wins, it’s a gift for all of us.

Written by: Heather Seely